Official Laurels!

If you’re looking for a laurel to compliment your film poster, look no more!

There are three LBFF laurels: Official Selection, Finalist, and Winner. All three are attached.

Please use the honor system when attaching, and select the appropriate laurel.




This is it: The Lima Bean Film Fest Official Winners and Finalists list! Below, you can find all of LBFF’s top films of the year, listed by category (with the exception of the Popular Lima category, which is decided upon by the audience on screening night).

Underlined films are the winners of their category. Congratulations!

The Platinum Lima (Best Overall)
A King’s Betrayal (C)
Les Frères Champion (C)
Polaroid (D)
Stream of Doubts (D)
Twine (D)
The Golden Lima (Best Direction)
Counsellor (C)
Life is Strange (E)
Polaroid (D)
Stream of Doubts (D)
The Age of Reason (C)
Twine (D)
The Weeping Lima (Best Drama)
Magic (D)
Out Of This (D)
Polaroid (D)
Stream of Doubts (D)
The Laughing Lima (Best Comedy)
A King’s Betrayal (C)
Counsellor (C)
Failed (C)
Les Frères Champion (C)
The Grateful Project (C)
The Artsy Lima (Best Experimental)
Blue Coral (E)
Me, you, us and all (E)
Res.i.due (E)
Save the Earth (E)
The Blueprint Lima (Best Animation)
Dad’s Fragile Doll (D)
Golden Bird (E)
Minoule (C)
Redpoint (E)
Saturday 6:27 A.M. (E)

The Haunted Lima (Best Horror)
Anthropophagy (E)
Mr. Dentonn (D)
Snapped (E)
They Will All Die In Space (D)
Trauma (E)
The Literary Lima (Best Screenplay)
A King’s Betrayal (C)
Counsellor (C)
Magic (D)
Polaroid (D)
Statue (E)
Stream of Doubts (D)
The Age of Reason (C)
The Headless Nun (E)
The Agile Lima (Best Cinematography)
Eve (E)
Les Frères Champion (C)
Magic (D)
Max and Aimee (D)
Polaroid (D)
Salwa (D)
The Nymph (D)
Twine (D)
Witches (E)
The Precise Lima (Best Editing)
Earth 2084 (D)
Polaroid (D)
Saturday 6:27 A.M. (E)
Statue (E)
Stream of Doubts (D)
Twine (D)
The Exploding Lima (Best Special Effects)
12M 19S (E)
Blue Division (C)
Earth 2084 (D)
Stream of Doubts (D)
They Will All Die in Space (D)
Judge’s Pick
Baby Doll (E)
Spotlight Filmmaker Award
Dave Lojek

Clarification for X

We at LBFF would like to publicly verify that Mehrdad Pavarni, the director of the experimental drama film X, is an official selection of the Lima Bean Film Fest.


(Many directors require verification of their work’s selection in order to include it in résumés and such. If you need your selection verified with something other than FilmFreeway, simply email us at and we will post an official clarification as soon as is possible.)

Schedule Being Finalized

We’re wrapping up the LBFF schedule, and things are looking pretty solid! Here’s the complete list. Although the films themselves are listed in order of screening, each category has yet to be placed chronologically. Here’s what we have so far:

Shorties (1 minute 30 seconds or less) 15:46
  1. Tantalizing
  2. Sweet Childhood
  3. My Ordinary Non-Fiction Day
  4. 0 Kelvin
  5. The Chimney Sweep
  7. The Scent of Gentlemen
  8. Vegetable
  9. Counsellor
  10. What’s Your Name?
  11. Mars 3752
  12. Baby Doll
  13. Out Of This
‘Toons (Animated films) 1:24:52
  1. Redpoint
  2. Golden Bird
  3. Two Dancers
  4. The Little Girl
  5. Eventide
  6. Trabajo
  7. One Day in July
  8. The One who Tamed Clouds
  9. Fres-boi
  10. Sima’s Third Hand
  11. Minoule
  12. Golden Shot
  13. Dad’s Fragile Doll
  14. Saturday 6:27 A.M.
Misfits (Exceptionally Odd Experimentals) 58:25
  1. Triplete Plástico
  2. What Weee Are
  3. City Walk
  4. Infinity
  6. Job
  7. Once Upon A Time in the USSR
  8. Statue
  9. RHA
  10. Fishbowl
  11. Lovearthcam
  12. The Headless Nun
Nightmares (Horror Films) 1:17:32
  1. Magic
  2. Outside your Window
  3. Spoonful
  4. Mr. Dentonn
  5. Snapped
  6. Tailypo
  7. The Crimes of All Hallows’ Day
  8. Anthropophagy
Survivors (Sci-Fi Films) 1:25:17
  1. 12M 9S
  2. Senses
  3. Christmas Present
  4. Earth 2084
  5. The Device
  6. The Returner
  7. A Life in Time
  8. ZERO
  9. They Will All Die in Space
Meditators (Calming Films) 39:01
  1. Jenna
  2. The Nymph
  3. Coffee, Table
  4. Blue Coral
  5. North Coast 500
  6. Eternity
Detectives (Mysterious Films) 1:38:47
  1. Mademoiselle Nimsi
  2. Greyscale
  3. Holding on to Nothing
  4. Drifting
  5. Witches
  6. Salwa
  7. Board to Death
  8. Algien
Tearjerkers (Emotional Films) 1:27:27
  1. Smoke Colored Light
  2. Dog’s Heart
  3. A Letter to a Terrorist
  4. The Ventilator
  5. Ingenuity
  6. Ashlyn
  7. The Strangeness of Coming Home
  8. I Drowned Myself
  9.  My Heart
  10. Polaroid
Nihilists (Bleak Films) 1:33:33
  1. Dust to Dust
  2. A Deal with God
  3. Dozd
  4. The Broken Treehouse
  5. Gustave XIV
  6. Goldfish’s Dream
  7. Unpunctuated Reverie
  8. Equality
  9. First Anniversary
  10. Res.i.due
  11. The Last Wood
Pioneers (Unique Films) 1:09:02
  1. The Darkness Moves
  2. Kabaret Freeze
  3. Boy who Wanders Around the City
  4. Perspective
  5. Stalker
  6. Manila Folder
  7. The Dependents
Philosophers (Films on Human Nature) 1:43:41
  2. X
  3. Analysis
  4. Me, You, And Us All
  5. Timeless
  6. The Walker
  7. Traces of Light
  8. Twine
  9. Stream of Doubts
WILD CARD 2 (Miscellaneous) 1:23:34
  1. Immeasurable Nature
  2. Autumn Leaves
  3. Taking a Beating
  4. Life is Strange
  5. Ram Bharose
  6. The Mandrake and the Sword
  7. Mother
  8. Max and Aimee
WILD CARD 1 (Miscellaneous) 1:08:01
  1. Gage
  2. Sun and the Rest of It
  3. Free
  4. Sprint to the Past
  5. Eve
  6. Vishal the Hero
  7. Save the Earth
Commentaries (Thoughtful Comedies) 58:57
  1. Joe McCarthy Reviews the Entire History of Western Art
  2. Blue Division
  3. Coffee
  4. Lia’s Christmas
  5. Sesenta y Nueve
  6. Lion’s Den
  7. Cinnamon Skin
  8.  Lola & Elaine
  9. A King’s Betrayal
Absurdities (Ridiculous Comedies) 1:03:10
  1. The Age of Reason
  2. Two Too Odd
  3. The Locksmith
  4. Do Kwan Tae
  5. Soundtrack
  6. Tito vs. Tito
  7. Covered
  8. Jump in Love
  9. Guantanamo Baby
  10. Venice
  11. Les Fréres Champion
Classics (Traditional Comedies) 1:06:12
  1. Failed
  2. Baggage Handler
  3. The Classroom
  4. Psychic Sue
  5. Quality Time
  6. Paradise Beach
  7. 5 Ways 2 Die
  8. Welcome to the Family
  9. Naalavathu Kurangu
  10. To Kill or Not to Kill
Mockeries (Parody Films) 52:49
  1. The Red Thunder
  2. Run Through the Forest Run
  3. How I Ate Your Mother
  4. My Date from Hellen
  5. It Happened on Exposition Blvd.
  6. Fleabag & Cactus
  7. The Son of Piggyzilla
  8. The Grateful Project


Congratulations to all the official selections of the 1st Lima Bean Film Festival! More updates (including finalists and winners) to come soonish…



The first year’s Lima Bean Film Fest submissions have been finalized. Congrats to all of our official selections, and for those of you who did not make it, there’s always next year (and you didn’t lose anything, BECAUSE WE’RE FREE. It’s very satisfying to know that the festival is free).

Anyhoo, here is the info you might have been waiting for, finally revealed: We received 590 submissions from over 60 countries (in all non-Antarctica continents)! We accepted 161 of said films, which is a 27% acceptance rate. Pretty fair, pretty fair.

You’ll find out soon who our award winners are. Only time (and our fantastic judge panel, shout out) will tell. Ant by the way, we’ve added 5 awards since then (5!), which are as follows:

Best Animation, Best Horror, Best Screenplay, Best Special Effects, and Judge’s Pick.

Ooh, spiffy!

Updates to come…

It begins.

It begins.

The Lima Bean Film Festival has officially begun, and submissions have opened! We hope to see great international participation for our first year. Why submit? Because it’s free and fun. Or, as our eloquent FilmFreeway page puts it:

The Lima Bean Film Festival is an annual, St. Louis-based film competition created by a group of amateur filmmakers. Every year, we award some of our top submissions with glory and digital Lima Beans.

Our Awards:
The Platinum Lima (Best Overall)
The Golden Lima (Best Director)
The Weeping Lima (Best Drama)
The Laughing Lima (Best Comedy)
The Artsy Lima (Best Experimental)
The Agile Lima (Best Cinematography)
The Precise Lima (Best Editing)
The Popular Lima (Audience Award)

Basically, LBFF is an opportunity for all independent filmmakers to be appreciated, without all the cost, or the necessity to be an ‘insider’.”

Pretty classy, right?

Well, that’s all for now. Not that anyone will see this. If you are looking at this, what are you doing with your life? Just submit the film already!